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Deb Salek has been selling Fort Collins real estate along the Front Range since 2001. Experience matters when evaluating property and identifying potential pitfalls early in the buying and selling process. Deb is well versed in the residential market, from first time homebuyers to investors building their rental portfolio. Her expertise can greatly enhance the sale of your property and help eliminate the hassle and emotion that goes with the listing of your property.



Our Fort Collins team is well-versed in the many areas and neighborhoods in your local Northern Colorado market. While you’re here for your temporary assignment or relocation, let us do the work for you and find the property that is right for you.

To learn more and connect with a qualified agent, call our Sales Team at 800-928-1592.


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For investors, the ability for Fort Collins AvenueWest to offer a turn-key end-to-end solution from purchase to management to sale is extremely valuable. Whatever portion of our services you need, Fort Collins AvenueWest is one of the few companies that.


  1. Understands both the month to month furnished and long term unfurnished executive rental market and can provide rental analysis for properties of interest.
  2. Has an experienced Realtor at your fingertips that can help you find the right property and knowledgeably guide you through to closing.
  3. Has the in-house team that can handle any work and cleaning that needs to be done to the property in order to ready it for rental or sale.
  4. Full property management services for furnished month to month or long term furnished or unfurnished properties.
  5. Has access to a large network of corporate clients as a source of high quality tenants.
  6. Provide a market analysis and list the property for sale, whether part of a 1031 exchange or traditional sale.
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